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Let Food be Thy Medicine,
and Medicine be Thy Food.


Get To Know

dr. Gabriella Nurahmani Putri, Sp.GK

dr. Gabriella Nurahmani Putri, SpGK A Nutrition Specialist with a passion of Broadcasting to share nutritional knowledge with others.

Education Universitas Indonesia

dr. Gabriella, SpGK

Practice RS Permata Pamulang

Jl. Siliwangi No.1A, Pamulang, South Tangerang

You can call me dr. Gaby :)

of dr. Gaby


dr Gaby certification

Tune In to dr. Gaby's Nutri-Verse

Nutrition Facts by dr. Gabriella, SpGK


Nutrition Facts by dr. Gabriella, SpGK
Nutritioni Facts by dr. Gabriella, SpGK


Nutrition Facts by dr. Gabriella, SpGK


Tips, Tricks, and Explanations about nutrition in every condition

(E.g. various diseases, habits, or circumstances)

An audio podcast on nutrition that you can listen to whenever, wherever. NutriPods involves various guest stars who discuss nutrition issues with

dr. Gaby.

In NutriCast, dr. Gaby interacts with you through video / livestreams to correct any nutritional myths and increase your knowledge and what you can do for a healthier lifestyle.

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