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"Let Food be thy Medicine,

 and Medicine be thy Food."


dr. Gaby

You can call me dr. Gaby  :)




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Online Consultation

Online Nutrition Consultation

Private with dr. Gabriella, SpGK


Nutrition Facts by dr. Gabriella, SpGK

Video, Podcast & Blog

Why You Need To Know About

Nutrition is an integral part of life. It is a source of comfort, or something we eat to pass the time. It is the building blocks that make us. With that being said, it can also be what breaks us.


People would see food as a way to connect with others, a medium that binds their families together, but food is much more than that. It affects how you sleep, how you think, whether you are happy or sad for the day, how you look, and how long you live. The term ‘you are what you eat ’ is surely how nutrition works.


Therefore, knowing food and its components will give us a better understanding on our body and what we should do to keep the system up and running.

Nutrition Coaching
Critical Illnesses

Nutrition plays a huge part for critical illness patients. Nutrition can help maintain muscle mass to help in weaning, fight infections, and shorten their hospital length of stay.

Metabolic Diseases

Glucose metabolism disorders, metabolic syndrome, iron and lipid metabolism abnormalities, are just few of the metabolic diseases that we can find. Nutrition plays a role in maintaining required energy, protein, fats, and carbohydrates for those with altered metabolism as to maintain an optimal quality of life. 

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Nutrition can improve gynecologic conditions caused by altered metabolism, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Nutrition also plays an important role in pregnancy, since it is one of the determining factors in fetal weight and overall health of mother and child.

Degenerative Disease

Aging is not an easy process. As we age, we will undergo a lot of physiological changes that affects our mood, appetite, bowel habits, and immune system. Nevertheless, balanced meals are still required for the geriatric population, and personalized nutrition can help address this issue.

A Glimpse Of

dr. Gabriella Nurahmani Putri, SpGK

Nutritionist & Broadcaster

Universitas Indonesia

RS Permata Pamulang


Nutrition Facts by dr. Gabriella,SpGK

Your Go-To Spot for Exciting and Informative Nutritional Tidbits!

Here is where dr. Gaby shares her nutritional knowledge and discuss a wide range of nutritional topics — mostly on what people actually need and want to know. You can also find out where you can book an appointment for personalized nutrition program by dr. Gaby!






Tips, Tricks, and Explanations about nutrition in every condition

(E.g. various diseases, habits, or circumstances)

An audio podcast on nutrition that you can listen to whenever, wherever. NutriPods involves various guest stars who discuss nutrition issues with dr. Gaby.

In NutriCast, dr. Gaby interacts with you through video / livestreams to correct any nutritional myths and increase your knowledge and what you can do for a healthier lifestyle.

Nutritionally Blessed

Words from Our Patients

Dr. Gabriella taught me to always pay attention to my nutritional intake, which includes a balanced diet comprising carbohydrates, vegetables, animal protein, and plant-based protein. Fried foods are prohibited for me as they contribute to fat and reduce starchy foods. Since I also have anemia, I had to stop consuming coffee, tea, and milk, although I still sometimes stubbornly indulge in drinking milk, haha.

Dr. Gabriella also advised me to have fruits as snacks at 10 in the morning and 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Eating fruits at those times helps me stay full longer.

Within 5 months, I lost 12 kilograms. One thing that makes me happy is that my face looks fresh (according to people) instead of looking dull due to malnutrition. Balanced nutrition combined with sufficient exercise has made me healthier and more energetic.

Thank you, Doc

Patient | Laras
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